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Graphic design in Greece is in a very advanced level. By the term graphic design I refer to all aspects of visual communication which sart with a simple logo and can lead to a complete corporate identity, packaging, magazine & newspaper advertising, large scale printing, video, web and television.

Creative Printshop, from the start monitored contemporary trends and has evolved over the years from a mainly printing oriented company to multi culty, packaging and web. Research on visual elements creating emotions is my latest quest and I emphasise on how I can promote in a more professional way my clients social profiles.

Furthermore, Ι have never stopped being interested in small companies and their needs on good and affordable design.

print design

Τhe diversity of each job and the needs of each client were always the most interesting point of graphic design for me.

Starting with the name, logo design and corporate identity, I always liked to think big and include all possible applications of the designs for the best promotion of my clients products.

Printing is challenged by Internet and social media but still remains a way to attract more customers or at least refer to old-fashioned tendencies. It is important to combine means in order to give a better chance to a powerful message.

web design

The new era of the Ιnternet has already started more than 30 years ago in many foreign

countries. Contemporary graphic designers in Greece ought to know how to design for web now as the needs of both providers and customers have increased.

A significant role on web use increase is web-banking and e-commerce expansion for sales of all kinds of products and services. Therefore Creative Printshop has solutions for you in cooperation with SIPA, my web developing partner and freelancers on the field of web design. Furthermore, by the use of mobile friendly technology, we can also update your old website to a better, improved version, so it gets a faster approach by spider engines on the Google search.

social media

Attending to social media profiles is one of my interesting services at the moment. Cooperating with, I like to offer to my clients Web-Combi® SEO strategies for effective marketing.

It is important to understand that social media is a very powerful tool for free advertising. People are connected and can use this connection everywhere: on the street, in the bus, during lunch brake, on vacation. The speed of your post can reach a potential client in a matter of seconds. This is a huge opportunity for a new approach on advertising.

Youtube professional videos are also a fantastic way to show your products and services. It is expected that it will increase even more in the years to come. So, this is a filed that is also extremely interesting to me and it is one of the new services here at Creative Printshop.